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This original plaque has a collection of personal tools that a sailor in the 1800 -1900rds used on a daily basis.  We will try to identify for you (top to bottom... left to right):

1. Solid-brass whale... this is an antique piece but the age is unknown... we polished and buffed this piece then sealed it with a clear brass lacquer.

2. Ivory and steel awl.  This tool was used to make holes in sail cloth so primative, hand made bone or ivory needles could be passed through.  .

3. Ivory or bone sail needle.  This is an older, hand-carved sail needle. 

4. Shoe buttonhook… not sure of the material but probably some kind of ivory.  This tool was used to hook "loops" that keep early shoes securely on one's foot.  

5. Small, hand-carved ivory fid that the sailor used for "fancy" ornamental rope work. 

6. Bone (probably whale) "Federal" style "diminutive" fork.  Probably used for eating shellfish.

7. Ivory "straight" razor.  The owner scratched 1834 on the handle (plus other writing).  Because of the age and the quality of this item it is thought that this was owned by a Captain or ships officer.

8. Two forged steel sail needles… Made in England.

It's impossible to exactly date the above items but all except for the brass whale are circa from the mid 1800s to the very early 1900s.  The mounting board is solid mahogany with four coats of hand-rubbed spar varnish.

Size: The plaque measures 18” long and 81/4” high.  Solid brass mounting hardware is included. 

The Sailor's Kit Nautical Plaque  
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